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About PeopleWerksHR

PeopleWerksHR was created in 2005 while our CEO, Todd Stark, was working directly with a school district who had an efficiency problem when working with their personnel data.  At the time, all personnel data was kept on multiple spreadsheets in various departments often duplicating the same information but none of which was accurately kept across the organization.  As a result of working directly with the Director of HR, the Personnel Assistant, and others from the fiscal department  and the Superintendent’s office, PeopleWerksHR was created to centralize all of the common functions around managing all of the human resource data.

We have continued to listen to our clients and their needs and as a result, PeopleWerksHR has gone through many major updates to meet the evolving demands for managing personnel data.  Throughout this evolution, the primary goal of managing any data, on any person who does work in the organization, easily and efficiently, has always remained the focus.  Today, PeopleWerksHR represents the only  human resource management solution for K-12 education that truly captures the entire data record for personnel, from time of hire to time of exit.

About DataWerks Limited

DataWerks Limited is a data management company focusing on data management platforms for K-12 education and government organizations. Our passion is to assist schools and districts to streamline operations through data solutions that replace the manual paper-based systems and the stand-alone redundant systems that typically evolve over the years.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, DataWerks Limited is committed to building on our experience in the education community to deliver products that enhance the business of education. Led by CEO, Todd Stark, a former educator, technology coordinator and now lead developer, DataWerks has the capacity to fully understand and meet the data needs in schools. Our goal is to help organizations spend less time managing the data and more time using the data for operational efficiencies.

Claris IconAbout Claris FileMaker Pro

PeopleWerksHR is built utilizing the industry leading platform for Workplace Innovation, Claris.  This includes the full suite of offerings, Claris FileMaker Pro, Claris FileMaker Server, Claris FileMaker Go, and Claris FileMaker WebDirect.  The Claris Platform offers the ideal path to deliver modern custom apps that have been making organizations grow for decades.

Innovations in technology change how people think and empower
organizations to respond to emerging demands. As a Claris Partner, we are able to design, build, improve, and extend PeopleWerksHR more rapidly than in traditional web-based platforms.  This enables us to help you transform the way your team works while empowering them to lead with data.

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