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Human Resource Management Software in K-12 Education

With education licenses, training, evaluations, pay-scale management, permits, background checks, contracts, and notifications, the management of human resource information in K-12 education is much more than managing payroll and benefits.  Administrative assistants and human resource directors have more to manage than standard businesses and it takes a specialized solution developed specifically for K-12 education to keep track of everything in one place. 
PeopleWerksHR is that K-12 education management solution designed for managing and automating the human resource processes on which so many K-12 districts, service centers, career centers, community schools, and other related organizations rely.

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HR Management Solution for K-12 Education Processes.

PeopleWerks HR not only manages the vast array of data tracked on personnel but allows your organization to manage internal employees, substitutes, and volunteers alongside contract personnel from an array of organizations and agencies.  With the data in one place,

PeopleWerks HR provides the features and functions to help automate complex and simple tasks reducing the time to:

  • Keep other systems updated through custom exports.
  • Produce yearly contracts and salary notices through built-in merge functions.
  • Automatically notify personnel of expirations on items such as licenses and background checks.
  • Generate a wide array of reports all of which can be easily exported from the system or printed as PDFs.

Additionally, PeopleWerksHR now helps K-12 education organizations eliminate paper driven processes by incorporating electronic signature capture processes while automatically downloading and storing legally signed contracts and new hire information.  With an asset management system, your team knows what each staff member has in their possession that belongs to your organization.

If your educational organization is still using various spreadsheets or Google docs to manage your personnel data, you need to look at PeopleWerksHR to see what it can do for you.

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