Personnel Management

With PeopleWerksHR™, all personnel information is centrally managed, eliminating redundancies and errors in important personnel data, while allowing for easy access by the people who need it most. Personnel management in PeopleWerksHR includes tracking of employees, substitutes, volunteers and contractors or other agency/organizational personnel.

Tracking all the personnel data and being able to use it effectively is the focus of PeopleWerksHR. It offers valuable features including:

Personnel Tracking

Maintaining a complete personnel record with contact information, demographics, job details, status changes, assets and more.

Licensure/Certificate Tracking

Keeping and maintaining educational licensure and other permits and certifications helps personnel manage renewal dates.

Volunteer Tracking

Allowing the centralization and tracking of volunteers the same way as employees while maintaining the data separate.

Electronic File Cabinet

Providing storage for electronic personnel documents, linked directly to an employee’s record.

Position Management

Utilize full position and FTE control, to facilitate the staffing process by easily managing transfers and tracking open, filled, on-hold, and eliminated positions.

Personnel Evaluations

Create, manage, and conduct personnel evaluations from within PeopleWerksHR for any and all groups of employees.

Employee Archive

All personnel, both past and present remain in PeopleWerksHR for historical record keeping but when archived will not show in current reports.

Benefits Management

Track benefits assigned to employees ranging from health/dental/vision to retirement and supplemental insurance.

Personnel Record Overview
At-a-Glance personnel Record
Dashboard Picture
Intuitive dashboard for quick access to personnel.

Salary Management

PeopleWerksHR manages the complexities of salary administration from the establishment of salary schedules to the year-end salary adjustments for all the employees. Tools for analyzing salaries and rolling over schedules and salaries from year to year simplify the tedious tasks of salary administration. PeopleWerksHR features include:

Salary Schedule Administration

Setting up salary schedules with steps and indexes and linking them to job classifications and unions.

Base Pay Management

Establishing base pay amounts for applying set increases.

Salary Reporting

Showing detail and summary reports for employees at each salary schedule and step.

Future year projections

Performing what-if analyses on future year salaries.

Batch Salary Adjustments

Providing a one-step process for updating salaries on a yearly basis for bulk groups of employees.

Contract Management

Generating employment contracts in batch mode easily and quickly.

Annual Salary Updates
Centralized management for annual salary updates.
Salary Administration Overview
Manage all types of schedules in one location.

Advanced Reporting Options

PeopleWerksHR provides the tools for reporting on all personnel groups based on hundreds of search options.  Report on personnel demographics, contact information, jobs, positions, licensure and much more. PeopleWerksHR features include:

Quick Pre-Built Reports

Utilize PeopleWerksHR’s extensive pre-built library of over 150 reports covering a wide array data elements found within the system.

Custom User-Created Reports

Develop your own reports based on user selected fields/columns and populate the reports with data based on the search criteria you select.

Exportable Data

Export data with a simple one-click to your favorite formats such as Microsoft Excel and Comma-Separated (CSV).

Electronic Directories

Print or export directories containing addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, employee photos, and birthdays.

Custom Report Setup
Configure a custom report by selecting fields/columns you desire.
Example Birthday Directory
Example of a Birthday Directory, one of many directories available.

Communication and Integration

PeopleWerksHR helps your organization automate some of your common tasks. From the mass generation and sending of salary notices and contracts, to auto notifications of system changes, non-users and staff stay in the know. PeopleWerksHR features include:

Correspondences in Bulk

Leverage PeopleWerksHR’s Letters/Correspondence module to create custom templates for salary notices, contracts, or other staff notifications.

Notification of Changes

Manage and monitor who stays in the know when users make changes within PeopleWerksHR.

Automated Alerts

Configure automated e-mail alerts based on expiration dates for background checks, licensure, certificates, training and others.

Integration Data

Export data on a nightly basis for use in other systems such as call, substitute, and training systems.

Correspondence Configuration
Create, manage and send custom letters/e-mails.
Notification Configuration
Manage who receives the 30 various notifications found within PeopleWerksHR