Integrated Communication Solutions

Auto Notifications Solutions for System Changes

PeopleWerksHR helps your organization automate some of your common tasks. From the mass generation and sending of salary notices and contracts, to auto notifications of system changes, non-users and staff stay in the know. PeopleWerksHR features include:

Correspondences in Bulk

Leverage PeopleWerksHR’s Letters/Correspondence module to create custom templates for salary notices, contracts, or other staff notifications.

Notification of Changes

Manage and monitor who stays in the know when users make changes within PeopleWerksHR.

Automated Alerts

Configure automated e-mail alerts based on expiration dates for background checks, licensure, certificates, training and others.

Integration Data

Export data on a nightly basis for use in other systems such as call, substitute, and training systems.

Correspondence Configuration
Create, manage and send custom letters/e-mails.
Notification Configuration
Manage who receives the 30 various notifications found within PeopleWerksHR

Other Features

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