What platform does PeopleWerksHR run on?

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Claris FileMaker

PeopleWerksHR is built on the full suite of Claris FileMaker apps and extensions.  This includes the utilization of the desktop app, Claris FileMaker Pro,  a web-app using FileMaker Web-Direct, an iOS mobile app FileMaker Go, and FileMaker Server to host PeopleWerksHR on your network.  FileMaker is a workplace innovation platform that powers organizations like yours to grow securely and reliably.

When you license PeopleWerksHR we will bundle the licensing for Claris FileMaker based on the number of dedicated users, an allocation of concurrent licenses, or a combination of both.  We will work with you to provide the most cost-effective implementation to meet your organization’s needs and for how you want to use PeopleWerksHR within your organization.

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