Can we customize PeopleWerksHR?

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Limited system customization is available.  Your organization can change how several tables are used in the system and you can change the labels of many fields throughout the system to meet your needs and operations.  Additionally, many of the key tables provide general add-on fields that you can customize to your needs. During setup, we ask you to provide your names for buildings, unions, departments, classifications, position titles and much more so that this data matches the language and designations you use within your organization.

You are not able to directly change how PeopleWerksHR works. This is so that our development team can continue to provide updates and upgrades to the solution without worrying about physical and scripting changes made by our clients.  Due to the fact that the Claris FileMaker platform is so easy to use, we can work with your technology team to add on your own external extensions to PeopleWerksHR that can provide you with additional functionality if needed.

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