Are there any other fees for using PeopleWerksHR?

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In addition to the software and support fees, there are fees for the following:

  • Initial Setup and Training – There is a one-time setup / configuration / training fee.
  • Additional Training – After the initial training if there are new users, additional training is available.
  • User Licensing – There is an annual software license fee that is based on the number of dedicated or concurrent users for the system.  The number of users/concurrent licenses are customized to the needs of each organization.
  • Third Party Integrations – There are several external system integrations available with call systems, such as Blackboard Connect and School Messenger; training systems such as PublicSchoolWORKS; the ODE license system; and others, that are at no additional charge.  There are, however, two integrations with systems where there is a fee.  One is for the integration with USPS and the other is where PeopleWerksHR has partnered with Signable to integrate a legal electronic signature signing process.
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