How do you determine the cost for PeopleWerksHR?

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There are two factors that determine the purchase and ongoing support cost for PeopleWerksHR.

  1. The number of active full and part-time directly paid employees and the number of contractors and external employees that are paid indirectly by the organization are used to determine the system cost.  Personnel  not included in the number are volunteers, substitutes, archived / inactive employees, and for K-12 education, personnel who may only have a supplemental job but have no other connection to the organization.
  2. The number/type of users of the system.  Since PeopleWerksHR runs on the Claris FileMaker platform, there is an annual software license fee that is integrated in the overall costs based on either dedicated users and/or concurrent users.  We work with your organization to tailor these costs to meet the needs of how your organization sees using PeopleWerksHR on a day-to-day basis.
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