How do users access PeopleWerksHR, is the app web-based?

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PeopleWerksHR is built to support user access in three different ways.

  1. Desktop client – for power and regular users of the system, PeopleWerksHR is accessed via the Claris FileMaker Pro desktop client.  This provides access to all features, reporting options, and communication options from within the system.
  2. iOS app – for mobile users who have iPads, PeopleWerksHR is accessible from an app called FileMaker Go.  Accessing the app via FileMaker Go gives users access to most but not all features.  This option is generally used for reviewing and updating personnel information as well as running reports.
  3. Web Access – PeopleWerksHR does provide access to the app through a standard web-browser (see technical specifications).  Access via the web may not be accessible outside of your district/organization without some additional firewall and DNS configurations.  This access method is intended for reviewing records and making smaller incremental changes.  It can be used by staff to look at their own data.
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