How secure is PeopleWerksHR?

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We take security seriously when it comes to personnel data and have worked to implement various factors to ensure data security at rest, in transit, and via user access specifications.

  • All data is encrypted at rest.  This includes all backups as well as the live data in the database.
  • We work with your district/organization to install an SSL certificate that encrypts all transmissions between the desktop, mobile, or web interfaces with 256 bit SSL encryption.
  • Data within the application such as the social security number is encrypted and is only accessible by users given permission to see the unencrypted data.
  • Access to various functions within PeopleWerksHR are controlled first by security groups within your local active directory, and then secondly with granular permissions maintained within PeopleWerksHR for each user.  This allows your organization to specifically assign who has the ability to add/edit various data elements.
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